Macbeth Story Summary

Macbeth Story Summary

The Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets & Tests have been written to help U.S. students meet five Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing.

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The Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets & Tests PDF contains five tests, one for each act of the play, along with the corresponding answer keys.  Each test contains story ordering activities, as well as questions which require that the students write in full and complete sentences.  Other types of questions, which differ from test to test, include character identification, multiple choice, true-false, and short-answer questions.  In addition to the five tests, Appendix A also includes two essay questions.

Appendix “B,” included in both the full PDF version and the Free Sample PDF, contains a list of the five Common Core Reading Standards for Literature that the Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets & Tests helps students meet.

The Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets & Tests effectively and faithfully summarize the story of Macbeth and will be useful for teachers and students as they read this classic and timeless tale by William Shakespeare.


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