Welcome to newly launched ALARA Learning Company website!    

At AlaraLearning.com, you’ll discover quality printable PDFs that can be used by teachers in classrooms, by coaches in after-school puzzle clubs, by activity directors working with active Seniors Citizens, and by parents looking for family-friendly materials to share with their children.

People who like puzzles will find that the ALARA Learning Company has an interesting selection of challenging resources including logic puzzles, reading puzzles, Code Puzzles, cryptoquotes, word puzzles, brain teasers, and many others.  All ALARA Learning Company PDFs are available at very affordable prices. Another plus is that the purchase of ALARA Learning Company PDFs always includes photocopying rights. 

Take a quick tour of AlaraLearning.com and you’ll discover unique, high-quality materials on the website.  While most companies that sell books and other printed materials restrict the purchaser’s rights to photocopy,  the ALARA Learning Company recognizes that teachers, activity directors, and others want to provide crisp and clear PDF copies to their students and clients.  As a result, we encourage purchasers to photocopy the PDFs they purchase from us for their professional use with students and clients.  We’re the “Home of the Printable PDF.”  Once you become familiar with our materials and our policies, you’ll see also that “...we’re a different kind of company, that’s for sure!”   

If you don’t see the kinds of materials that you are searching for or if you have need for custom-made materials for your classroom or your activity, send us an email.  We just might be able to create something you can use for everyone to enjoy.


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